Social Distancing Sensor

Social Distancing Sensor: dealing with the 1.5-meter society

Maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters requires a huge change in behavior. The Social Distancing Sensor (SDS) helps! We are used to keeping 80 cm between us and someone we are talking to, but now that distance must be doubled. It’s a new custom – one that we need to be reminded to follow.

For example, how do you maintain the correct distance in the workplace, at the coffee machine, on the stairs, and at your desk? People quickly – and without thinking – are too close to each other.

The SDS helps people remember to keep their distance from others. The corona buzzer warns you by emitting a vibration, sound and light signal when you are too close to another person with a social distancing wearable.

Specifications of the Social Distancing Sensor

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Wearable with an armband on the upper arm or with a key-cord.
  • Normally delivered with a vibration, sound and light signal. Signal can be adjusted with an optional expansion unit.
  • Tags can be linked so certain people can be near each other.
  • Safeguards privacy; is not related to a person.
  • Accurate distance measurement with ultra-wideband technology.
  • No app or infrastructure needed.
  • Splash-proof.
  • Battery lasts 8-12 hours. Charging time of 2 hours.

Where can this wearable be used?

In our 1.5-meter society, it’s a challenge to maintain the proper distance in various areas. These include the workplace, where people are paying attention to their work, but also areas for leisure activities such as shopping in a store or dining at a restaurant.

The SDS tag helps people in the following sectors, among others, to maintain a proper distance:

Construction sites

Hotels, restaurants and cafés



Amusement parks
Manufacturing companies
Healthcare institutions